Monday, August 2, 2021

Vintage backgrounds: 1970 Topps Gerry Moses

1970 Topps has many great bat rack shots. In most you can't see the numbers on the bats, though. An exception is Gerry Moses's card. Here you can clearly see #11 Dick Schofield Sr, and #2 Mike Andrews. In the corner it looks like there is a bat with Moses's #10. Maybe it's Hawk Harrelson's #40.

Not big names but these guys all had pretty good seasons in 1969. Moses hit .304 as the backup catcher, Andrews .293 with 15 HR, and even Schofield had his last productive season, hitting .257. I am guessing this is spring training; Harrelson was traded to Cleveland in April but hit 30 HR on the year. In September the Sox gave one of their minor league call-ups Harrelson's #40, a young catcher named Carlton Fisk. Fisk went 0-for-5 in two games and didn't come back to the bigs until 1971, that time wearing #27 with a bit more success.

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  1. It's funny, I thought I had seen all of the bat rack cards from this set, but apparently I was wrong, as this one is completely new to me.