Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Art on the back: 1958

 1958 saw a return to prominence of the art on the back. There is only one year of statistics on the bottom, giving plenty of room for two cartoons. We only know Mejias had a lousy 1955 because of the "Not a good fit!" cartoon. (He hit .216 over 71 games.) Unlike 1956, Topps started a cartoon trend of depicting Black players like Mejias as white in all cartoons, a policy that continued through 1990. It's unfortunate, a black mark on what is otherwise some of the best cartoon work on baseball cards.

Too many great cartoons to limit to a few favorites. The "family relations degree" drawing on Don Martyn's card is certainly not what I expected to see on a baseball card. The Zuverink is really cool too.
I think the spelling of "socker" makes Don Rudolph's card an error card. Nice Superman reference on Vada Pinson's card.
Some light-hearted tobacco and alcohol use here, perfectly fine for 1958 kids.


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  1. Most of the kids collecting these in 1958 were probably already casual drinkers/smokers :)