Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Super cards from Dime Boxes

 Dime Boxes Nick sent me some great cards this week. The trade was kicked off when Nick offered up a couple of '71 Topps Supers on his blog. Here they are:

Bill Freehan passed away last week, probably while this card was in transit. Glenn Beckert passed away last year. I'd never seen Topps Supers before, and I assumed they were just oversize baseball cards like '64 Topps Giants. However, they are much thicker, almost like cardboard coasters. They even make a "clank" sound when they bang together.

 Nick sent a lot more cards than these two.  Here are four magazine-themed cards. The bottom two are from a 1998 Fleer set commemorating Sports Collectors Digest.  The top right card is a modern Topps Magazine card, apparently Topps revived the magazine. The top left is an original Topps Magazine card from 1990. There was another 1990 Topps Magazine card but I didn't recognize it as such when putting together the photo because it was just Bob Welch in a 1960 Topps design, I figured it was just one of the many modern sets where Topps rehashes their card designs. Kind of lazy of Topps to always be doing that. If they're not careful, MLB might get tired of their laziness and give someone else the card license . . .

Nick sent some great vintage! The Babe Ruth card is from '73 Topps. Sparky Lyle is a high number. And there's a Jim Kaat rookie! In fact, there's two cards of him doing the same pose ten years apart.
Some minor league fun!
Yankees! Including current Yankees Gallo and Stanton. The Stanton card is a really nice one from something called 2017 Topps On Demand. The front is not shiny but the back is. Yankees currently have an 11-game winning streak, first time since August/September 1985. That team followed up their streak with an 8-game losing streak that pretty much doomed the season, though they almost came back. Let's see if they can avoid that this time.
Lots more shiny, oddball, fun cards . . .

. . . and this mysterious one. It looks like a mid-1980s Topps All Star card but notice there is no name on it. The back is blank. Anyone know what it is? Maybe a custom?



  1. Very happy I could get those Topps Supers to a good home. They looked so lonely in the 15/$1 box at my LCS!

    I found a bunch of those mysterious oddballs from my card guy at the flea market, and like you I haven't the faintest idea what they are. Did a bit of research that turned up absolutely nothing.

    1. I've never encountered a Topps Super like those in the wild, but would have been all over them for that price!

  2. Love the Topps Magazine cards. Lots of nice cards.

  3. I never saw them as a kid, but keep liking the Topps Magazine cards more and more as an adult.