Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Cards and vintage things: June 9, 10, 11 1953

The biggest news Tues-Thur June 9, 10, 11 1953 was the deadly tornado in Worcester, MA on the 9th, which killed 94 people. Other headlines that week included the ongoing negotiations to end the Korean War, elections in France, and the McCarthy hearings.

Those three days, the Texas Restaurant Association was hosting it's Southwestern Regional Restaurant Show in Dallas. The only mention of the show that I could find online was that TX governor Allan Shivers was supposed to speak at dinner on the 11th, but that was cancelled (not sure if the dinner was cancelled or just that the governor did not end up attending).

There was no major league baseball in Texas in 1953; the closest big league teams were in St. Louis. The Browns were at home that week, and played in four games those three days, all losses to the Red Sox, part of a 14 game losing streak (a streak they snapped in Yankee Stadium against Whitey Ford in his second season; they then immediately lost six more in a row). The Brownies only had four extra base hits in those four games; Bob Elliott, pictured here on his '48 Bowman card, hit their only home run. 


  1. Nice Elliott! '48 Bowmans are really neat.

  2. I know that they weren't a very good team for a lot of years, but I sure would've liked to see the Browns play. I'm not sure why exactly, it's just one of those things that would've been neat to see.