Thursday, May 31, 2018

1993 Studio Pat Kelly

Hobbies are tennis, golf, traveling and music: A cool story re Kelly and traveling – on a 2013 drive with his family from Los Angeles to San Francisco, they stopped at a remote rest stop where they were the only ones there. Shortly after, another couple came to the remote rest stop – quite to their surprise, it was Yankees legend Don Larsen and his wife Corrine.

Favorite sports announcer is Howard Cosell: Cosell was famous for people loving to hate him but a lot of people must have liked him, as he wouldn’t have stuck around so long otherwise.

Favorite player as a kid was Larry Bowa: Kelly grew up in the Philadelphia area where he would have watched Bowa play.

Most prized possession is his beach home: Kelly moved from Pennsylvania to Tampa, FL after his rookie season.

Might have been a teacher if he hadn’t been an athlete: Kelly did not go into teaching after his baseball career.

Pet peeve is early phone calls: Baseball, and I guess sports in general, do favor night people over morning people.

Where he is now: After his career he has gone into scouting, focusing on Australian baseball. In late 2017 the 50-year-old Kelly and his 34-year-old girlfriend were arrested on domestic charges after a fight in Manhattan; charges were later dropped when both refused to cooperate with police.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wallet card with some recently-exposed Automat remnants

Last year I showed some of the remnants of the ornate floral design in the former location of the Times Square flagship store of the Horn & Hardart Automat. Recently, the deli that was in another former Automat location, at 968 Sixth Avenue (possibly the one that this sign was advertising) closed, and during renovations extensive floral decorations were revealed, that must have come from the Automat that closed sixty years earlier.

I took the picture to make sure to capture these for posterity, figuring they would soon be covered up again.
 However, the new deli, called "Toast" has actually restored the design on the sides. Happy to see them refresh the beautiful old decorations.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

1993 Studio Bo Jackson

Hobbies are hunting, fishing and flying: In 2013 the Sportsman Channel produced a special with Jackson called “Bo-Hunting”.
Might have been an Air Force F-15 pilot if he hadn’t been an athlete: Per the Infield Fly Rule blog he is posing with a US Navy F/A-18 Hornet on his 1995 Pinnacle card.
Pet peeve is racism: He refused to sign with the Buccaneers after being drafted by them in 1986 in part because of perceived racism within the organization.
Where he is now: He returned to the Royals organization in 2018 as a spring training instructor.

Vintage for modern

Reader jlcre2003 (he has no blog, but check out his Trading Card Database page) took me up on my standing offer - I will gladly trade you modern cards for your vintage cards, and make the trade in your favor. In addition to what is already on my tradelist I have thousands of cards, many from the late-1990s early-2000s that are absent from many collections, that I have yet to add. I would love to flip them to you for your extra vintage cards, of any condition. In this trade I got a few dozen each from 1975, 1976 and 1977 Topps.

I'm getting into the homestretch in 1975 Topps - under 100 to go now.
 This card was the highlight for me - any time I can get a vintage Thurman Munson card that is a big deal.
 Lots of people love the backgrounds of 1970s cards and for good reason, so much going on here you almost overlook Brian Downing's flowing locks, a surprising look for those of us who just know him from his later, clean-cut junk wax days.
 Looking back, it surprises me that in the Bicentennial year that Topps didn't use this color scheme on all the cards. As someone born in 1977, it always slightly annoyed me that I just missed the Bicentennial and will almost certainly not see the Tricentennial.
 One of the fun things about picking up vintage cards of all conditions is to see the way people "updated" the team names on the cards. Carefully taping a small strip of paper over the team name is the neatest way I've seen. (Burroughs again - didn't realize until uploading the pictures that I was showing too cards in a row of the same guy.)
 Finally, on the lighter side, I wonder what Hector Cruz just found in his helmet?

Monday, May 28, 2018

Wallet Card at Yankee Stadium

It was cold and windy and rainy, but the game was played without interruptions, and the Yankees held on to win, 3-1! The Yankees scored their three runs in the third inning in a "rally" that went single, strikeout, walk, walk, walk, hit batter, force play. The pitching was great (Tanaka, Robertson, Betances, Chapman) making the three runs hold up. I've been to colder games but never windier ones - my hat actually blew off my head and landed two rows behind me at one point!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Vintage cards rule

Short but sweet trade with Thorzul Will Rule. Sending him two of his '76 needs, including one of his "most wanted". In return, a 1959 card and a true classic from 1972.

Friday, May 25, 2018

'63s and more from The Collector

Got a bunch of cool cards in a trade with The Collector. (If you haven't already, be sure to enter his contest!)

The trade revolved around some of his extra 1963s. Milwaukee Braves! K.C. A's! I love it.
 He is a Red Sox fan so they were well represented. Kind of jarring to see cards from 55 years ago, with the players wearing the same uniforms they wear today. These guys look like they could be 2018 Red Sox.
 He threw in some nice '70s cards as well. I already have the '78 and '79 sets so the Burke and Morgan are up for trade.
 Also a lot of modern Yankees! You hear a lot about the cards of Jim Abbott batting with the Angels and Brewers, but this is a nice one of him batting for the Yankees.
 He included several of the Yankees from the 1995 Topps Virtual Reality parallel set. What if the 1994 season wasn't ended by the strike? At the time the Yankees had the best record in the American League, but a lot of people forget they were fading fast in August and were probably going to get overtaken by the Blue Jays soon.
 He also threw in some Giants and Rangers. Bahr; Strahan; Toomer; OJ Anderson; Simms - Super Bowl heroes all. I passively collect football so I am keeping these except for the '88 Simms which I know I have already, and the Bahr which I think I have as well.
There are also a few Rangers, most noticeably Brian Leetch. Anyone collect hockey?

Thursday, May 24, 2018

1993 Studio Chuck Knoblauch

Hobby is ice fishing: How does a Texan get into ice fishing? Maybe the hobby started when he began his Minnesota career.
Favorite sports announcers are Vin Scully and Joe Garagiola: I grew up watching Scully and Garagiola do the Game of the Week. Great memories.
Favorite player as a kid was Ozzie Smith: Knoblauch and Smith appeared on a card in the 1992 Pinnacle Idols subset. They played for the same youth coach (not at the same time, of course) in Iowa.
Most prized possession is his 1991 World Series Ring: He would later win three more with the Yankees.
Might have been an accountant if he hadn’t been an athlete: Knoblauch did not go into accounting after his baseball career.
Where he is now: Co-owner of the Texas Wood Bat League and MADD Talent Social Media.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

1993 Studio Travis Fryman

Hobbies are hunting and archery: Fryman would use bow hunting to get over a slump.

Favorite player as a kid was Rod Carew: Fryman grew up in Florida, not near a big league team. Carew was a good role model for a young hitter.

Might have been a soldier if he hadn’t been an athlete: Fryman turned down an acceptance to the US Military Academy at West Point to concentrate on baseball.

Where he is now: A minor league hitting coach in the Indians organization.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Wallet card with one of New York City's last fallout shelter signs

Fallout shelter signs used to be quite common, especially on public buildings. However, they are no longer accurate (they haven't been for decades) and New York City has now begun a campaign to actively remove them so they don't cause confusion. I'm not going to take a picture of every one I see but I figured I would photograph one for posterity before they are all gone. This one is on a church on W. 37th Street.

Monday, May 21, 2018

1993 Studio Phil Hiatt

Hobbies are golf and fishing: Nice outdoorsy picks.
Favorite sports announcer is Dick Vitale: A college basketball fan, I guess.
Favorite player as a kid was George Brett: Hiatt and Brett were teammates when this card was produced, don’t know how much that factored into this pick.
Most prized possessions are his athletic trophies: You would think anyone who reaches the highest level of a major sport would have many trophies.
Might have been an accountant if he hadn’t been an athlete: He did not go into accounting after his baseball career.
Pet peeve is bad attitudes: No one likes bad attitudes.
Where he is now: He now owns the Triple Play Party Center in Cantonment, FL. In 2010 he shared his thoughts on baseball cards with this blog.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Vintage from the flea market

Now that I am collecting vintage I figured I would see what was in the local flea market. I keep reading about incredible deals on beat-up old vintage you all seem to find at flea markets and card shows. I don't think that's likely to happen here in New York though, too many collectors with too much money. I did pull some '73s and '72s from a dime box though; they were the oldest cards in the box. 126 common cards for $10, not bad.

The '72s . . .
 . . . and the '73s. I just scooped all the ones I could find, there were quite a few duplicates so I will have some to trade. Anyone with '73 needs let me know.
There were a few '73 high-numbers, that's pretty cool.

Summer of '71

Another vintage trade, this time with Summer of '74. He sent me a nice stack of '71s. Some highlights:

One of the key rookies in the set.
 Three hall-of-famers, including my first vintage Gil Hodges.
 A great photo from the old Yankee Stadium. Interesting to see the near-empty bleachers in the background, with a few very casually dressed fans visible in the background.
 A great photo from the old Shea Stadium. Jesus Alou appears to be taking a pitch in the middle of game action, even though some other Astros are just walking off the field into the dugout. And look at the fans - it's helmet day at Shea Stadium!

Friday, May 18, 2018

1993 Studio Alex Cole

Hobby is music: Listening or playing, I wonder?
Favorite sports announcer is Chris Berman: Cole did not get a nickname from Berman.
Favorite player as a kid was Julius Erving: A basketball selection. Cole grew up in North Carolina, not near any one NBA team.
Might have been a coach if he hadn’t been an athlete: Cole did not go into coaching after his baseball career.
Pet peeve is tardiness: Mine too.
Where he is now: Has had numerous legal troubles including doing jail time for selling heroin. Not sure where he is now.