Friday, April 1, 2022

Trade with The Collector

I recently completed a fun little PWE trade with The Collector

Some highlights from my favorite teams. My favorite cards in the envelope might be the two football cards, Pepsi Max cards from 2011, the last time the Giants won the Super Bowl. There's also a card of Robinson Cano, the second baseman the last time the Yankees won the World Series, and a card of new Yankees pickup Josh Donaldson.

A couple of Walter Iooss cards. I guess he was a photographer with some "go-to" poses. The most interesting part of the cards might be the backs, where Iooss shares an anecdote from each shoot. For DeShields, he says he asked Delino to smile and he replied "That's not me". I browsed his cards a bit on TCDB and sure enough, he's very rarely smiling on a card.
The remainder of the lot included a variety of fun cards including a shiny Steve Garvey insert and an Topps Big League error card (Nick Martinez is pictured on Martin Perez's card).


  1. Iooss had quite the career. Atlantic Records and the SI Swimsuit Issue, among other gigs.

  2. That's kind of strange "go-to" pose, and not one that I can recall seeing on any other cards.

  3. I learned something about these cards that I didn't know when I had 'em ;)

    Got your end today, thanks again!