Monday, April 18, 2022

Art on the back: 1970

The 1970 back design is very similar to the 1969 design, including the big space for the cartoon.

(Hal's dad, Max Lanier, was a former major leaguer and appeared in the '52 set.)

All Stars got the treatment that the managers got in '69, with a portrait to go along with a cartoon. The artist has a very distinct style, as can be seen in the batter swings. My first thought whenever I see this card is that Snoopy is walking on the left side of the card. Do you see it too?

Sometimes the artist repeated a joke, like here with two pool-playing Williams. (Horton and Sudakis)

And here are two very similar cartoons that appeared on back-to-back cards. (I looked up Kranepool and Swoboda's restaurant. It was in Amityville, L.I., right near Kranepool's listed home address in South Farmingdale. (Swoboda is listed as living in Syosset, which is a little further away.)

There were a LOT of fun and/or interesting cartoons in this set. Here are some that stood out to me.


  1. Don't forget the cartoon for Brant Alyea that resulted in one of the few set variations!

  2. Man, those are some excellent cartoons. In that first set, Mike appears to be taking a selfie. Talk about being ahead of your time!

  3. Love the 1970 Topps cartoons! 1969, 70, 73 and 74 are all great. Makes you think what '71 could've been if it scrapped the photo for a cartoon.

  4. It's a good thing they mentioned horseback riding in that one cartoon, because I would've guessed that Mike was doing something much funnier there.

  5. The cartoons have always been my favorite part of the backs of cards, and was always disappointed as a kid when a new set didn't include them. And a "quiz" cartoon just wasn't the same as the cartoons about the specific player!