Saturday, May 27, 2023

Vintage Equipment: 1970 Topps (Part II)

 There may be no better set for bat-rack shots than 1970 Topps. There are lots of great ones, but for this series the relevant cards are the ones where you can see numbers on the knobs.

Jay Johnstone: Most are pretty blurry but I can make out a #12 in front. That would make it Ruben Amaro's bat.

Tony Taylor: Also tough but I think there is a #23 in front? That would probably then belong to Don Lock, the veteran outfielder who started the season with the Phillies but was traded to Boston in May. Later in the season the number was worn by Rich Barry, who made his big league debut on July 4.
Harmon Killebrew: Some of these have small writing on them, but I can see a #22 quite clearly. That would belong to catcher Tom Tischinski.
Gerry Moses: #2, #10 and #11 are clearly visible. The #10 would be Moses's bat, while the other two belonged to Mike Andrews and Dick Schofield.
Juan Rios: There is definitely a #7, and I think #9 and #31 too. #7 was infielder Chuck Harrison, #9 was Sweet Lou Piniella, and #31 was outfielder Hawk Taylor.



  1. I knew of the first two cards, but hadn't seen the other three before. If memory serves, there aren't a lot of bat rack cards in the '71 set, so what ever inspired Topps to do so many in 1970, obviously didn't go beyond one year.