Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Free cards from Crocodile

I was fortunate to win a free box of cards in a recent giveaway by Crocodile Sports Cards. I had no idea what would be in there, and was happy to see that there were plenty of cards that I needed.

Four shiny refractors!

More shiny cards! The Koufax looks fantastic in person, and is probably my favorite in the box.
An autographed card? Quite possibly. The signature does seem to match other Tom Brookens autographs online. I'd be curious to know what others think.
However, there were also these cards, most of which appear to be signed with the same pen, which look nothing like other signatures online. Curt Young's doesn't appear to even say Curt Young. Though perhaps I am wrong?
Lots more cards from modern sets, most of which I needed. Some cards that might look like base cards but are actually Update, team sets, parallels like UD Electric Diamond and Special FX, etc. Lots of great additions to my collection.
Naturally, there were lots of cards from sets that I had completed already, but that's OK! I pulled out the best of those and am offering them for free, in the spirit of Crocodile's generous giveaway (and those of other recent bloggers). If you live in the US and we've traded before, claim some cards you would like (all the stars are on the bottom, but you can claim something like "I need '84 Fleers, check my wantlist"). If you want more than 3 of the star cards, please wait 24 hours before claiming more than 3 so others have a chance. You can also claim the bogus auto cards if you like. Enjoy!


  1. Love how you were able to get the rainbow to show up so well.

  2. Had no idea some of those were autos (might be the lighting in the room where I do my sorting), but they came in a box of cards I bought a while ago. I'll have to search that box again and pull any more I find for the fire pit.

  3. I actually need the '84 Fleer Boggs, as I have less than one page of (non-Topps) 1984 cards in my Red Sox binder. So if you have any other Red Sox from '84 Donruss or Fleer (or OPC) toss them in as well.

    I actually have a Boggs set aside for you, along with some other cards I'll send out soon.

  4. That Bronx Bombers card is pretty cool. When I was a kid, that card was a treasured card in my collection. At the time Rickey hadn't been traded to the Yankees... so they weren't the Evil Empire to me yet :D

  5. Given all of the sets that you're working on, you were probably the right person to win this box.