Thursday, May 25, 2023

1976 SSPC Larvell Blanks

 The card, in brief: This is a nice photo - it appears the photographer tried to get as much blue sky as possible behind Blanks, with just a bit of the Shea Stadium right field upper deck in view.

Playing career, in brief: "Sugar Bear" was a pretty good hitter for a shortstop, but fielding woes curtailed his attempts to be more than a backup/pinch-hitter. In nine seasons with Atlanta, Cleveland and Texas, he played in 629 games, hitting .253 with 20 HR and 172 RBI. In 407 games at SS, he had a .957 fielding percentage (62 errors).

Post career, in brief: After his career he was a teacher and tennis coach at his old high school in Texas. He has remained very active and is an accomplished golfer. Last year at the age of 72 he won the two-day Texas Individual Golf Tour tournament in Fort Worth, and was the oldest player in the tournament.

My collection: I have 11 of his cards, from 1973 to 1980. I would be interested in trading for 1977 Pepsi Discs #NNO.


  1. Love the nickname... and the fact that he won a golf tournament at the age of 72.

  2. I always like hearing about the winner of any competition being the oldest entrant in whatever it was.