Thursday, March 2, 2023

Time traveling to football season

I picked all football cards in my latest Diamond Jesters Time Travel Trade. The baseball cards available I either had already or were too old for me to trade for, as I don't have much pre-1958 available right now. I had fun picking these football cards from across various eras, though.

Starting off with some cards from recent years, highlighted by a Bo Jackson Raiders card.

Lots of 1977 cards, with some All Pros.
Further into the 70s. The colorful 1971s are a fun set. Some of these guys really get into their poses. Others, seem to want to be anywhere else.
Three from 1970, one from 1959. Some big names, and one funny one. Buzz Nutter should be in the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame.


  1. I figured that Buzz Nutter would go quickly. Can't wait to see what you sent him.

  2. I love all that vintage football.

  3. I got your cards too! Thanks again for the trade!