Friday, March 3, 2023

TCDB Trade: The-Cephus

Some fantastic vintage cards made their way from Oceanside, CA to Oceanside, NY via TCDBer The-Cephus. You will find the cards get better and better as this post goes on.

Early 60's, highlighted by Bobby Richardson. The Kline ended up being one of those cheap eBay wins, so I have a nice-conditioned trade card which is always useful.

Five from '66. I like Cookie Rojas's glasses.
'68-'70. I goofed on the World Series card, shouldn't have been on my wantlist. Oh well, another good card to add to the trade boxes.
1971 bringing out major star power. Three Hall of Famers and a Steve Garvey rookie!
Finally, some lesser-conditioned cards that were more or less just "throw ins" to the trade. Yes, 13 1954 Bowman cards as "throw ins"!

Part I. Some of these did have paper on the back like they were glued into a scrapbook, but to me these look fantastic.

I assume some of these were black-and-white photos that were colored by Bowman, but some might have been original color photography. My favorite is Bobby Avila sitting on the dugout steps at Yankee Stadium.


  1. Liking that World Series Koosman. And agree that Avila is great, too.

  2. From Oceanside to Oceanside, what are the odds? Lots of star power in that '71 group. And '54 freebies are awesome in any condition.

    I like that Avila too, he had some great looking cards.

  3. As far as vintage cards go, you seem to be doing quite well with trading on that site.