Thursday, March 30, 2023

Opening Day - latest incoming

Happy Opening Day! A few recent acquisitions, mostly from TCDB:

From OP_Cards:  Seven semi-high-number 1972 needs. Lots of airbrushing here. The Ryan Braun rookie card has a photo shot by photographer Phil Ellsworth. You can read some backstory on the photo here.

In a one-for-one trade, I sent a 1965 League Leaders card to zrbecker13, and got this 1953 card!
A trade with mcgral netted me the 1973 Ty Cobb card. Now the only cards I need for that set are Willie Mays and some high numbers. Appropriate that a huge star like Mays is the last one, even if he's slumming it in a Mets uniform on the card. Speaking of high numbers, that's a 1965 high number in Woody Woodward.
I also got three 1977 Hostess needs in the trade.
Some modern needs from eric51. Two players I've interviewed, but didn't have cards of, and two interesting Stadium Club photos.
Finally, a dollar bid won a nice little collection of modern cards from eBay. The highlight is the prism refractor (which I still think of as fishfractors), but I needed almost all of these cards anyway.


  1. Some nice '72s there. The Cain is sharp looking, and the Cobb '73 is a big one. I think the LCS near me has '73 singles, I can check your wantlist next week when the guy comes back from his vacation.