Wednesday, March 8, 2023

TCDB trades: 1961 Topps

A couple of recent TCDB trades help beef up my 1961 set.

That recent eBay lot I bought, with a lot of high-grade dupes, already paid a dividend, as I was able to trade one 1959 high number to Bldrprof for a quartet of 1961s. The Bill Kunkel is my favorite here, even though I don't know if it is a colorized black-and-white photo or a straight-up painting.

Cdorso is working on a 1960 set, and I traded him all of my remaining '60s, plus a few modern cards, for 18 1961s:

It's too bad Topps wasted a nice, simple design with so many boring photos. Better photo selection would have made this set an all-time great.


  1. Some of the '61 singles, like Kunkel, do look like they were painted or created with a very primitive precursor to photoshop. I'm not sure myself, but it's one reason why I'd be turned off from building that set.

  2. The photos of that '61 set might make that the worst set of the 60's.

  3. The billboards behind Kunkel are great, his image, not so much.