Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Fun variety from Fuji

I got a big box of cards from Fuji with lots of fun variety. 

The bulk of the package was 1975 Minis. This is well over double what I had already.

Lots of full-sized vintage too. Heavy on the Yankees. Lots of yellow here which I like.
A couple of minor league autographs.
A variety of more standard modern cards, highlighted by a shiny Juan Rivera card. He had a brief but solid Yankee career.
Some oddball modern cards of various non-standard sizes. I have fond memories of each one of these players from their time with the Yankees. Remember when it was no big deal for even a big slugger like Dave Winfield to bunt?
There was one other item in the package, a very interesting non-baseball item. It is a New York State seal cigarette card, from Helmar cigarettes. Looking online, this apparently dates back to 1910! This card is so fresh-looking and immaculate, I thought it might be a reprint, but I don't see anything online to indicate that there were reprints made of the set.
Here is the back. Very cool addition to my "vintage stuff" collection!


  1. Wow, that's a lot of '75 minis at once. Does Fuji have that many extras? If so, I'm jealous.

    1. Night Owl: I have probably 100 to 125 more. Are you building a mini set? If so, let me know and I might be able to help.

      Bo: I bought the Helmar from the same eBay vendor I bought the Japan card from. All of them were in decent condition.

  2. Love those 75' mini's. I'm jealous. Although I too got a box from Mark.

  3. Great stuff. I might have to send Fuji a mini want list.

  4. The lack of bunting is one of the many things that keeps me away from modern baseball. The Helmar is really nice. I'm sort of collecting that set, and I say sort of because a lot of people seem to have recently "discovered" it, and are now pushing the prices up and out of my range.