Tuesday, March 28, 2023

TCDB Trade: Rob Hammond

These cards from Rob Hammond took three weeks to make their way up the east coast, but they were worth the wait. Glad the post office decided to finally deliver them. Rob sent a nice mixture of 1960s cards.

12 from 1961. The minimalist design looks great on the rare instances the Topps photographer pulled back from a headshot. 

One 1963. Topps used almost the same photo on Alusik's 1964 card. When I saw it I had to check to see if I had it already, it looked so familiar. Bunch of 1966s too.
Four great cards from 1967, highlighted by the World Series Game 4 card. That photo with Brooks Robinson jumping about four feet high is one of the best baseball cards I'd never seen before.
Finishing off with some '68s, highlighted by a Manny Sanguillen rookie card.

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  1. George Alusik doesn't look very excited to be there.