Wednesday, March 22, 2023


Had three envelopes arrive yesterday. One from TCDB and two from eBay. On a side note, I have a situation with TCDB where someone mailed me cards two weeks ago and they haven't arrived. I assume there is not much I can do but hope the cards turn up at some point. The guy has a high feedback score so I guess this is just a bit of bad luck. Fortunately no big cards either way.

I've added some modern cards to my TCDB wantlist, including some that have gotten mentioned in the various player interviews I've done. I like to go back to those posts when possible and switch out the images I used at the time for my own copy of the card. 49ants picked off four of those needs in a recent trade. Three of these guys I interviewed, while the Mattingly card was a favorite of former Rockies pitcher Ryan Cameron.

I picked up a 1958 lot on eBay that is more than I would usually pay per card, $6 for 9 cards. Still, cheap 50's Yankees are hard to come by, and I'd been on the lookout to upgrade by Darrell Johnson. I virtually never upgrade cards but my copy was in particularly awful shape, basically most of the front and virtually zero back. I moved the old copy to the little pile of vintage dupes I have that are too bad to even put on my trade list. Of these the only other ones I needed were Kucks, Throneberry and Ennis. The rest are available for trade.

I did better with this lot, modern cards around a nickel each. I don't buy every lot like that I see, even at cheap prices they'd add up quick. But I really liked this Bernie Williams insert, with his 10th-inning home run in the 1999 ALCS.

Most of the other cards in this lot were needs as well. Needed all of these but the Ryan. They are all from various semi-obscure UD sets from around 2000. Hard to see in this photo but Ryan is wearing eye black. I can't think of another pitcher who did that.
These three are also tradebait.


  1. I have a similar current situation on TCDB, but reversed. I sent out cards back in December and they still haven't been received. Luckily, it's someone I've traded with multiple times, so their is a certain level of trust there. But it's no fun worrying about if I'll be able to hold up my end of the bargain and what I should do about it.

  2. I've had cards take a month to get to me (and have likewise had cards I've sent take as long to reach their destination). Hope they reach you sooner than that though!

  3. You got some nice deals, especially that '58 lot. The six Yankees for $6 alone would be a good price IMO. I've always liked that Wally Post card, he's a player I know little about but I'm drawn to his cards regardless.

  4. That Wally Post card is super neat.

  5. One of my earliest trades on the TCDB took almost a month to reach the other person. And speaking of mail, I finally got something out to you the other day. Hopefully it won't take a month to get there :)

  6. I like to think that I am the most inpatient patient person I know. With that said, I hope your cards show up soon.