Saturday, March 25, 2023

Small transaction roundup

Thank you to everyone who answered my envelope questions yesterday. Seems like I may have been overthinking it a bit, as the general consensus seems to be that envelopes from the dollar store, Amazon, etc work just fine for everybody.

On to a few small recent acquisitions. 

Here's a TCDB trade that could also be considered a blogger trade. PKSteinberg used to have a blog, Baseball Every Night. It's still on my blogroll but the link is dead. Those that read that blog may remember he PCs Darryl Strawberry. I sent him a couple of Donruss variations he needed, and got back this fun unlicensed card, from the shortlived Showcase Baseball Card Price Guide.

A couple of recent tiny eBay wins:

A 1961 Post need for a quarter? Yes!

Two shiny cards for two shiny dimes? Yes, yes!


  1. I knew that Peter had stopped blogging, but I didn't realize that he had deleted his blog. That always seems like such a waste when people do that.