Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Cake or Gum? 1975 Joe Lahoud

I've come up with an idea for another blog series. Lately I've been enjoying the old Hostess cards more and more. Overall, the photos seem more interesting, especially with their backgrounds. As far as I know, Topps provided Hostess with the photos, so it's interesting that Hostess seemed to get the better photos sometimes. Or maybe that's just my personal taste, and more people prefer the Topps photos.

For this series, I will take each Hostess card I have and compare it to the corresponding Topps cards. Leading off is 1975 Hostess #10, Joe Lahoud.

These photos look like they may well have been taken at the same time. Though unlikely, it could even have been two photos taken at the same time, one photographer next to Lahoud, the other in front of him. It's hard to pick a favorite between these two. I guess the netting is a little more unusual of a background than the bleachers, so I'll go with Topps this time.

1974 was by far the best season of Lahoud's 11-year major league career. In a career-high 127 games, the perennial backup hit .271 with 13 HR and 44 RBI. Overall in 791 games he hit .223 with 65 HR and 228 RBI. Since the end of his baseball career he has gone into a long and successful career in technology sales.


  1. I would have liked the Hostess pose on the Topps card even better.

  2. I prefer the photo on the Topps card personally.

  3. I'm 50/50 either way. I could totally see either photo placed on either card.

  4. The Topps is a better looking card and set, but give me cake any day over gum.

  5. I like the Hostess sets, and they do have a lot of nice photos, but I do wish that they would've used a few more with other people or players around. Most of them are so devoid of life, that one could easily imagine that the photos are being taken in a post apocalyptic landscape.