Friday, March 17, 2023

Another street trade

I was in the city again yesterday and did another street trade with Al. Not as much variety as last time, but still pretty good.

I picked up a bunch of these Yankee Stadium Legacy cards. These are from a set of great Yankees, it's not the set with every game at Yankee Stadium.

Last time, I noticed he had a lot of 1995 Select Certified. I added it to my wantlist just so I would know which ones I needed when I came back to his boxes. I was able to add a lot of star power to that set.
Here I goofed. Not on the SP minor league cards, but the seven 1992 Score insert cards. I should have known I wouldn't have needed anything from 1992 Score. These were extras in the boxed complete sets. Well, maybe they are useful to someone's collection?


  1. Urban Shocker is a guy that you rarely see on the blogs. I realize that he doesn't have a lot of cards, but still, he does have a few cheap modern ones that probably should be getting shown a little more often.

  2. I wish I could walk down the street and find baseball cards in a box. :)