Thursday, October 13, 2022

Cards from Johnny's baseball card, football card and stamp giveaway

Safe to say that Johnny's tailoring the prize packages now, so there's no excuse not to join the daily contests at Johnny's Trading Spot.

Starting with some Yankees. Sure was nice to have Mariano Rivera as the closer all those years. Having confidence that a postseason game was over in the 9th inning was really nice. Clay Holmes gives me zero confidence as a closer, but I guess we'll see. The two first cards I had already, both from the '99 set. If no one wants them, I'll probably hold them for the next time I see Al.

Two great football cards! I wonder if the signed '93 Topps Chris Calloway came from The Best Bubble. I got one from him almost exactly a year ago. If not, that's a heck of a coincidence. Available to trade if anyone wants it, otherwise I'm fine with having two. Rodney Hampton was another great 1990s Giants. I love the '96 SPX cards, with the really good 3D illusion, especially with the player's head. I have a few from the baseball set but this is my first from football.
Finally, Johnny threw in some vintage stamps! There are some 1953 Easter Seals seasons greetings stamps (not postage stamps), a 1952 NATO stamp, and the rest are from a 1938 set, that was used into the early 1950s, with 1 cent George Washington, 2 cent John Adams, and 3 cent Thomas Jefferson stamps. Always fun to get things that old, and there are plenty of dupes so if you see stamps you would like, happy to throw them into our next trade.


  1. Fully agree with Johnny catering the prize packages. Good stuff!

  2. You ain't seen nothing yet Spanky!. LOL!

  3. I guess maybe I should try to get in on a few more of these now.