Saturday, October 8, 2022

Two little lots

Picked up a couple more little eBay lots (in addition to a few dime-or-less cards not even worth posting about).

$2 for 24 Dwight Gooden cards. The seller had a bunch of cheap auctions but this is the only one I ended up with. All I could see on top was a Yankee card I needed, and I like Doc so I went for it. I ended up needing five of the cards which is not too bad.

So 19 extra Dwight Goodens to trade, including another Headliners. If you see anything you want, let me know! Whatever's left over, I'll hopefully be able to trade to Al next time I am in the city, probably in a few weeks.

This one was certainly a better value. Ten cards from the 1994 Sportflics UC3 set. Total cost - sixteen cents. I needed nine of the ten (Jimmy Key is the one I had already). I like Sportflics cards, but they were definitely better when they showed a "moving picture" rather than the modern ones which actually did less. Still fun to get them for real cheap.


  1. I know I have a couple of those complete sets from 95 & 96 sitting in my dupes boxes back home. Remember that so next year when I am home and sorted out there ( it will take a little bit to get normalized gain), you can get whatever you still need.

  2. The older Sportflics sets were definitely better than the mid 90's incarnation.