Sunday, October 16, 2022

Just enough for a Game 5

Like most Yankee fans, I wanted to see Nestor Cortes, not Gerrit Cole, pitch Games One and Four. But Cole is making Aaron Boone look like a genius, keeping the Yankees' season alive after the Yankees' uninspired play in Games Two and Three. This game looked like it was going to be like the last two, with the Yankees taking an early lead, then coasting while Cleveland slowly but surely came back. Nice to see Clay Holmes and Wandy Peralta pitch so well in the eighth and ninth. However, the bullpen is still a big question mark for the Yankees, so a "bullpen game" in Game Five makes me very nervous.


  1. Aaron Boone is more of an idiot in my eyes right now after the game three debacle, but whatever. I was glad to see them win tonight, and glad to see Cole pitch well. And I hope they can do it again tomorrow.

  2. Panini makes some brutal baseball cards.