Wednesday, October 12, 2022

October fun

That was a fun game to watch last night. At least for one night the Yankees had a nice playoff win. Gerrit Cole was dominant, giving up just a solo home run, instead of the three-run home runs he likes to give up. It helps that the Guardians don't get many runners on base in general. This is a team the Yankees should beat. Hopefully they remember that they should have beaten Cleveland in the ALDS 15 years ago and did not, and should have beaten Cleveland in the ALDS 25 years ago and did not.

Hopefully Oswaldo Cabrera has a lot of cards in '23 so I can have some of his cards. He is so much fun to watch. Didn't do much at the plate last night, but had a terrific catch against the stands with a Cleveland fan right in his face, and then he high-fived the fans after.

Nice to see the Harrison Bader trade finally working out for the Yankees. Got his first home run as a Yankee at a key time last night. Rizzo with a big home run too. Will be nice to relax and enjoy this win with today's off day, and then see what Nestor Cortes can do tomorrow.

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