Sunday, October 9, 2022

Cards and vintage stuff: May 7, 1940

The war in Europe dominated the news of May 7, 1940. The biggest news came from London, where prominent members of the House of Commons vigorously attacked Chamberlain's handling of the war. This was due to the handling of the Norwegian campaign. In the U.S., it was primary day in much of the country. President Franklin Roosevelt won the California primary, assuring himself of the Democratic nomination for an unprecedented third term.

Meanwhile, in Berry, Alabama, Fred "Sox" Johnson was running for commissioner. He advertised himself as a "new man" and pledged a "fair deal". I'm not sure if he won, but he did serve as Mayor of Berry from 1946 to 1950.

Many in Berry were probably rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals, a team popular throughout the South. There was no Southern hospitality for the visiting Brooklyn Dodgers, who were trounced by the Redbirds 18-2. Johnny Mize led the Cardinal attack, with two of the team's seven home runs.