Friday, October 7, 2022

Johnny's prizes get better and better

It looks like Johnny's Trading Spot has started curating prize packages to the winner's tastes. Perhaps that will encourage more of you to join. Or maybe I got lucky in getting an almost all Yankee lot. If so, it would have been funny if this envelope went to someone like Night Owl.

Not every card was a Yankee. Four of them were these Sportkings. Hall of Famers all.

A couple of extraordinarily busy Christmas parallels. Gerrit Cole is going to be the Yankees Game 1 starter in the ALDS, even though he hasn't pitched all that well, seemingly giving up a 3-run HR or two every start. Joey Gallo got banished to the Dodgers, had a good first week with them and then went right back to being awful. (He ended up with fewer hits than Aaron Judge had HRs!) Still more likely to get a WS ring than Cole, though.
Finally, three Gleyber cards. He's finally started hitting again after a couple of down years. Hopefully he stays hot in the playoffs and gives Judge some protection in the lineup.


  1. Gerrit Cole is acting like a prima donna. Cortes is better.

  2. I guess this new trend should work out pretty well for you then, what with all the winning you've been doing :)