Monday, October 24, 2022

Contest winning and trade bait

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I won another Johnny's Trading Spot contest a while back. Here's what I won:

These four "cards" are actually 2019 album stickers. Like the sticker backs of the late '80s, I consider the stickers on the back the actual cards. Like the Severino I showed the other day. The other three were Carlos Rodon, Jordan Hicks and Jacob DeGrom. Imagine if Judge signs with the Mets and DeGrom with the Yankees? Both teams have trouble keeping players healthy so those guys will spend a lot of time on the injured list either way.

Four true cards of Judge. He'll be up there with the most popular Yankees to never win a pennant, like Don Mattingly.
It made me very happy to get a Rickey Henderson oddball from his time with the Yankees. I probably have most of them, but this one was new to me. Another Yankee I really enjoyed who didn't get his rings until after he left the Bronx.

As for the trade bait - 

I mentioned that Johnny's cards came in a huge box with a lot of other stuff. There will be a few posts on that, but I also had a lot of cards come in during the postseason that I haven't posted about yet. Got lucky on a few eBay lots while fans were watching the games, I guess. I'll be posting those over the next week or so, but I'd love to start pulling out cards from the dupes box before I catalog them on TCDB and my own list. So let me know if you'd like me to look for anything for you from:

- Vintage commons, mostly but not all in somewhat rough shape (but generally not too awful). '55-'69 with heavier concentrations of '55, '59 and '66. Not everyday I have some '55s to trade.

- Cards from any of these sets: '92 Pinnacle Team 2000, '93 Select Stats Leaders, '93 Topps Gold, '94 Topps Gold, '95 Topps Cyberstats

- Lots of other inserts and parallels from that '92-'95 range. 

- Three junk wax commons Rediscover Topps buybacks. (Butch Davis, KC, Don Carman, PHI, Darryl Hamilton, MIL.