Thursday, October 27, 2022

1959 lot

Still making my way through the postseason arrivals. Here was a pretty nice 36-card lot of 1959 Topps. I needed 19 of the 36. First few needs . . .

. . . some more.
Rocky Colavito is the star of this lot. He's only Rocco on the front of the card, he's Rocky on the back. That Baseball Thrills card is easily my favorite; you rarely get action photos of any kind on cards this old, let alone one with a clear view of the fans in the stands. Oddly, the back is very vague about the event, only that Colavito helped out a tiring pitcher with a late game grab. Here's a link to the original, black-and-white photo that Topps colorized. May 10, 1956 - Colavito's sixth inning catch robs Gil McDougald of a home run. 36-year-old Bob Lemon and the Indians won rather easily, 7-2.
For those working on a '59 set, here's what I have to trade. Usually I'll trade the better conditioned version of a card. I don't really want to swap out my Art Ditmar card (I probably would for most cards, but not a Yankee). Anyone want that one, I'll just throw it into your next trade for free.
More '59 trade bait. Curt Flood, like Ditmar, I'll just throw that in if someone wants it. Most of the rest are not too bad.


  1. That's a really cool action shot of Colavito.

  2. You've been landing a lot of good vintage lately.

  3. The action shots in this set must've been pretty awesome at the time.