Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Back in time, to 1955 (and the 1960s)

I picked up three lots from a seller who had literally hundreds of auctions at once, all ending at the same time. He combined postage so I knew I'd do all right as long as I won more than one. I ended up winning three, and was able to get my cards at a little over 20 cents a card. One was a 1960s-1980s football lot I'll show another time. For now, two baseball lots.

One lot was cards from the 1960s. Every year of the 1960s was covered in this lot. Even 1958! Funny thing, I also picked up a '59 lot that week and got that one first (I haven't posted it yet). There was a Harry "Suitcase" Simpson card in that lot, and I saw he had played for the Yankees briefly in '57 and wondered if he had a card with the Yankees. Well, turns out he did! These were my needed card from early 1960s. Great Tiger Stadium background on Rocky, and yes, that' Frank Robinson lurking on Elio Chacon's card.

This was one of those auctions where the only photo is a pile of cards, so the '64 Curt Flood was a huge surprise. That card has famously been hoarded by a single collector, pushing the price of this card artificially high, so it was a nice thrill to come across this card in the lot. That was the only '64 need but I knocked off a few '65's.
'66 was well represented, with the Koufax/Veale/Gibson leaders card the big highlight.
Three late '60s needs. A miracle Met and two managers.
Lots of dupes to trade. No big names here, but if you're working on a set and need some fillers let me know!
The other baseball lot was all 1955 Topps! I didn't have many to begin with - this tripled the number of cards in my '55 set. Mostly commons but Al Rosen is a big name.
The rest of the new-to-me cards, including two Yankee benchwarmers (Frank Leja and Charlie Silvera).
It's not every day I have '55s available to trade, but maybe someone needs something for a team set or setbuild.
Closing out with the back of Repulski, a 1/1 sketch card! Hey, it's better art than some of those Topps 2020 monstrosities. And as always I'll trade you the better conditioned version of the card I have, so don't worry about ending up with this copy if you need Repulski (unless of course, you want this one!).


  1. That "sketch" card actually reminds me of one of those 2020 cards, lol.

  2. Seeing big names lurking in the background of old cards is always neat. I hadn't seen that Chacon before, but will now have to get one for my Frank Robinson collection.