Monday, October 17, 2022

One-card TCDB trade with a blogger

The other day Diamond Jesters posted his latest contest winnings from Johnny's Trading Spot. One of those cards was a 2020 Topps Fire Giancarlo Stanton. I had seen Johnny giving that one away a couple of times but wasn't able to win one. I really like the look of that particular design (one of several for that set). It's very 1980s, looks like Transformers or something. To have a Yankee on it made that card even better.

With Matt being a Red Sox fan, I figured it was likely he would be willing to trade it, and he did! I actually initiated the trade through TCDB. You might be wondering why, when we have traded without it for so long?

I am most of the way through the process of getting all my cards for trade on the site. With the trade matching feature, I was able to match up my tradelist with his wantlist instantly, rather than take the time to manually check what I might have for him. In addition, when you trade through TCDB your cards get automatically moved off your tradelist. (Also works the other way, cards you acquire go onto your havelist.) Again, more time saved.

The site seems to be having a lot of technical difficulties lately, which is a bit discouraging, but if it says in good shape this will be a big time saver when it comes to trading. I was originally going to discard my manual tradelist when my TCDB cataloging was complete, but the glitches have given me enough pause that I am also going to keep that.

Anyway, here is the awesome card I got from Matt. Hopefully Stanton has a big game tonight!


  1. I better step up my game.. I still haven't shown off the cards from our previous trade! (Non-Time Travel Trading).

  2. I'll have to make mental note you no longer want that card, lol.