Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Inserts and parallels

This was an interesting lot I picked up. 1,000 inserts and parallels, mostly from the mid-1990s. ~3 cents a card. This was a fun thing to get, but I wouldn't do it all the time.

A lot of cards from the 1993 and 1994 Topps Gold parallels, and the 1995 Topps cyberstats parallels. I think with parallels, it's a little more fun to get them one or two at a time, rather than a whole lot at once. Still, it's fun to bulk up my holdings of these sets. Plenty to trade from, if you need some for your set. Also, if you have a PC or mini-collection where parallels are useful, let me know.

Some early 90's insert sets - '92 Pinnacle Team 2000, and '93 Select Stat Leaders. I needed maybe half of them, so lots to trade. No huge stars but some mid-level HOFers like Alomar and Smoltz. The '94 Pinnacle Museum Collection I needed just about all. That's a nice looking parallel.
Score put out the nicest looking parallels. I love the '95 Gold Rush, and the bronze '96 parallels are very nice too. I do have a few to trade from here.
Two Bowman parallel sets that were well represented - '97 Bowman International and '00 Bowman Retro/Future. I do have a couple from here to trade.
Some more parallel sets that had solid representation in the lot - '94 UD Electric Diamond, '94 Pinnacle Gold Rainbow, '98 Topps Minted in Cooperstown.
There was plenty of variety, it wasn't just those few sets. Here are a few shiny cards that stood out to me. Score really put out some nice inserts in the mid-'90s.
For some reason there was a bunch of Robinson Cano cards at one point. I needed half the Yankee cards (the parallels) and all the Mariner cards.
This was my personal favorite individual card in the lot. I hadn't realized how many nice insert sets Score made in the '90s. I like the view of Chicago, and the red foil really pops against the dark background.
Does anyone collect buybacks? Last time I asked this, I got directed to a Youtuber named Shoebox Legends but he never got back to me.
This is a much cooler buyback. I actually thought this was a reprint at first, but apparently the American Pie set included buybacks of old Topps nonsport sets. This is from the 1967 Maya: Mysteries of India set. That's Jay North, Dennis the Menace all grown up. It's a cool card but doesn't exactly fit in my collection so I'd be open to a trade.

These two cards are also available for trade. They appear to be run-of-the-mill 1993 Fleer cards, but they are blank backed. As far as I can tell that was not a parallel, so I guess they are just a printing error. Maybe they fit in someone's collection?


I haven't even shown some really fun minor league sets that were in there. I'll post those another time.


  1. I'd be interested in the Rod Nichols blank back (I'll leave the Harris for a Sox fan). And I don't collect a lot of newer guys, but if you have anyone that's on my "People I collect" list in with those parallels, I probably don't have them.


  3. Shoebox Legends has a blog, but it's been a while since he posted. http://shoeboxlegends.blogspot.com/

    His buyback Frankenset project is really something, and I hope it's continuing and everything's OK with him. I do have his email, so if you want me to try to get in touch, let me know.

    I don't really collect nonsport, but that American Pie buyback is pretty interesting.

  4. I believe Shoebox Legends is on YouTube.

  5. Bo I know that I still need to mail you the stuff I owe ya but do you have a bunch of the stuff like that Mitchell Boggs card set lmk cause I can send you that list just lmk