Friday, October 21, 2022

A welcome distraction from another loss

The Yankees struck out "only" 13 times last night. In two games that's 30 strikeouts, nine hits and four walks. That isn't going to cut it. The Yankees have actually pitched pretty well, that hasn't been their problem. Luis Severino pitched very well, except for one unfortunately-timed bad pitch.

This card came in a big surprise package I received from Johnny's Trading Spot. This was actually part of the regular contest winnings, Johnny threw that into a much larger box that I will share the contents of at a later time. I spent hours during and after the game going through everything in the box - it's probably the most fascinating, thoughtful package I've received from another blogger, and it will take a while to put everything together into some posts.


  1. To quote Brad Pitt, "What's in the box!"

  2. It's rare... but I'll be rooting for the Yankees this weekend. I want to see this series go 7 games.

  3. I hope you have a blast "organizing" those "messes" I sent.