Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Widescreen wonders

The 1960 Topps set doesn't get a whole lot of love. One reason is the use of alternating colors on the players' names, which makes them a little harder to read. Another is the horizontal orientation, when most people prefer vertical cards. I've gotten to like the set a little more lately. The horizontal format does work well when there is a good photograph, giving it a "widescreen" quality. Unfortunately, like 1961 and 1962, the vast majority of photography is uninspired, wasting the opportunity.

I picked up a small lot recently for pretty cheap; 33 cards, 24 of which I needed. I liked that there were a few Yankees in the lot, most notably the famous Ryne Duren card.

Needs part two. It's nice when a lot that is advertised as "low grade" is mostly in pretty good shape.

Some trade bait as well! That Larry Osborne card is a good example of how well this set could have worked with good photos.


  1. I'd put the 1960 Topps in my Top 10 Topps flagship baseball card designs. I enjoy the dual photos, old school logos, and colorful design. And the manager cards are fantastic!

  2. Most of the photos on the left are really good, it's just that main one that usually brings the card down.