Wednesday, September 8, 2021

1977 TCMA Cocoa Astros

 There were two 1977 Cocoa Astros sets in the lot I purchased, so one is available for trade.

The most notable name on the team is clean-shaven catcher Bruce Bochy.
The player who went on to the best playing career, though, was Dave Smith, who save 216 games in the major leagues.
It's a pretty generic set, though, with everybody getting a mug shot in front of the tarp. George Ploucher's unusual grin is about as odd as it gets.
The Cocoa Astros staff got a card - left-to-right are Bob Cluck, Jim Johnson and George Lauzerique.


  1. Very cool. Need that goofy Bochy. I'm interested in the extra set if I can find anything for you.

  2. Wow these are odd. That Bochy card especially.

  3. That Bochy is a crack up. So used to seeing the old skipper version of him.

  4. Bruce certainly didn't look like a ballplayer in that photo.