Thursday, September 9, 2021

Randy Choate on baseball cards

Randy Choate pitched fifteen years in the major leagues, mostly for the Yankees, Cardinals and Diamondbacks. A noted lefty relief specialist, he went 16-14 with 7 saves and a 3.90 ERA. In 21 postseason games he had a 3.38 ERA, and won a World Series ring with the Yankees in 2000. Now a COVID Testing Team Supervisor for the Davis Joint Unified School District in California, he kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

"I was an avid card collector growing up, and spent many summers with my best friend riding bikes to the closest card shop, and just hanging out all day trading cards.

My rookie card with Craig Dingman would be my own favorite card.  We both got called up the same day too.  Mark McGwire 1985 Topps Team USA card is my favorite.

I did collect them, but don't really anymore.  Just have a bunch stored from my childhood."



  1. Ran in a cross country meet at U.C. Davis my freshman year in college. Our best runner had
    a hang over.

    That Big Mac card is popular.

  2. I guess it's because I wasn't collecting cards, or watching baseball at the time, but I've understood the appeal of that McGwire card.