Friday, September 10, 2021

1976 TCMA Quad City Angels

 1976 TCMA Quad City Angels.

Back before Richard was Dickie.
Never played in the major leagues, but the most famous person in the set.
Who is this mystery infielder?
It's general manager Harry Pelis!

Here's one of my all-time favorite errors. Corney Lansford.

When I first posted that I got this set, reader Alex pointed out that there was a short print in this set. Fortunately, the short print, Manuel Mercedes, was included! He was a late entry, the 40th card in the set. I've never seen a minor league set so large.


  1. Mystery Infielder? That's really funny!

  2. I think Lansford is more famous than Maddon. Though I grew up in northern California, so maybe it's regional bias.

  3. Man... I love me some Carney. That guy could hit. But I love me some Corney even more.

  4. This is a fun set! I love the Maddon.

  5. The mystery infielder looks a little like Domingo Ayala. (

  6. Love the mystery man in that set. 1976 Quad Cities marked my first pro game and I brought home a foul ball by squeezing under the fence that blocked off the deep third base line. If only I'd brought home this set, too!