Friday, September 3, 2021

Big trade package from I Need New Hobbies

I did another big trade with Scott Crawford of I Need New Hobbies. He sent me a lot of great cards.

First, some modern stuff. We'll start with Bernie Williams, the heart of the Yankees championship teams that doesn't get nearly enough credit. No one, not even Jeter, was better in clutch situations than Bernie.

These are Bowman's, topped off by a shiny Eric Chavez.

Some set-filling needs for various sets.
There were two sets he sent me large lots of. One was 2001 UD Legends of New York . . .

. . . and the other was 2020 Topps Big League, including some color parallels and inserts.

The color parallels included this amazing, prescient card. Farewell, Topps. Hopefully Fanatics will put out quality, affordable cards.

And of course there was vintage! I was particularly excited to get these two light-hitting Boston lefties. Doug Griffin leaves me needing just ten cards to complete the '76 set - needs are on the sidebar. And with Danny Cater in tow, I need just three more for 1974! Does anyone have #160 Brooks Robinson, #283 Mike Schmidt, or #536 Duffy Dyer to trade?

This is my first 1970 Topps poster. Fun oddball. For scale I photographed it next to a nice '71 League Leader from Scott with three Hall of Famers on it.
Four more set needs, late '60s early '70s.
Frank "Hondo" Howard makes two appearances, on his 1960 rookie card and again 11 years later. As you can see Scott sent me a lot of '71s.
Among the '71s were Hall of Famer Don Sutton, some notable rookies, and the original Tatooine card.


  1. Now if you could just use your powers of persuasion, and talk Scott into blogging more regularly...

    1. You know, I can hear you, Jon.

      Life's kind of bananas right now, so it's gonna be a while. Still collecting many things, still stress-buying too many cards, and have a ton of cards available for trade, but my writing output's been down to about 1 edition of my newsletter a week, mostly to cover new music releases and let my friends know I'm still here, though some hobby stuff sneaks in there sometimes. I think you know how to get ahold of me (as do most of you who read Bo's site and know me) if you wanna talk trades and/or see about getting in on the newsletter (which, I might add, is self-hosted now, and not on that awful Substack).

  2. Lots of great stuff here! I've been trying to track down that Brooks Robinson card fro years. I'm picky about condition though, and graded copies cost too much :/

  3. That 1970 Topps poster is clean. Looks like it was just unfolded from a pack.

    1. I've been super-fortunate with the '70 posters I've ended up with. My keeper Mincher's like that, too, and I think I have a Messersmith in similarly decent shape that is either in my trade box or my collection (I forget if I decided to hang onto it or not).