Thursday, September 23, 2021

1973 TCMA Cedar Rapids Astros

Here is the oldest and final set in this series. According to this recent post from Night Owl, this was the second minor league set TCMA created, after doing the Cedar Rapids Cardinals the previous year.

The set is a little smaller and thinner than standard size. There are facsimile autographs on the cards. Topps used the signatures from player contracts when they put autographs on cards. I think what TCMA did was have players sign the actual photo and then reprint that. Steve Englishbey signed his name over his mouth and appears to have dotted the "i" with a heart. Despite having the signed photo available TCMA still managed to misspell his name.
Some players did not have an autograph. This is not the Mike Stanton who became Giancarlo, or the one who pitched in six World Series for the Braves and Yankees. He did pitch seven seasons in the majors for four teams.

Looks like Pancho Lopez awkwardly signed his photo along the edge. This card is the reason I think TCMA used signatures on the actual photos.

Despite Eleno Cuen clearly signing his name, TCMA still added an extra "h" to the beginning of his name.
Don Buckheister wearing a more formal outfit than on his 1974 card.

TCMA managed to correctly identify Rafael Tatis here; they called him Fernando (or Fernado) the next two seasons.

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