Sunday, September 19, 2021

Six minor league sets

Here are the six minor league sets I referred to yesterday. Not as old as the ones I've been posting recently, but still a lot of fun.

1992 Bend Rockies. This team would have been quite a novelty as the major league Rockies didn't start until the following season. Lots of guys who got major league cards because they were early Rockies. Craig Counsell stood out to me because I don't think of him as a Rockie. Also highlighted the Angel Echavarria card (interesting composition, especially with the border) and the Joe Niekro coach card.

1989 Louisville Redbirds. There are two versions of blue-bordered 1989 ProCards, those with 1989 stats and those without. I had this set with the '89 stats; this version does not.
I didn't have these red-bordered Hagerstown Suns, though. Highlighting Don Buford's son (and Damon Buford's brother), Leo Gomez who had some big-league success, and a pticher with a bat.
1988 Glens Falls Tigers. I really like the '88 ProCards design. And, though I know it's an unpopular opinion, I really like metallic gray borders as well. Some fun cards including a pitcher batting, a shortstop playing first, and a first baseman who looks like he's going to take a throw from the dugout.
1990 Prince William Cannons. Some big names here are J.T. Snow and Brad Ausmus. All the cards are in front of empty stands except for Jerry Nielsen. I guess he was late to the photo shoot that day. The team photo is a nice touch.
My favorite of the sets was the 1985 Columbus Clippers. The GM was George Sisler Jr. The coach card is a nice touch. And some rare Yankee cards for Jim Deshaies, Rex Hudler, Butch Hobson and Sandinista Al Williams.


  1. I know a few of those names from the Bend Rockies, mainly from '93 Topps prospect cards. But I've never seen that Minor League set.

  2. It's always fun to sift through minor league sets and stumble across names you recognize. The George Sisler Jr. card is cool.

  3. I thought Leon Durham was going to win it, but then a freakin' Sandinista came along and ran away with it. Wow.

  4. 1989 was the first year Hagerstown was in the Eastern League. They were in the Carolina League in 1988 which meant anyone who played well for the Suns that year got promoted in 1989 to...Hagerstown. I saw Buford play in both seasons there.