Sunday, September 26, 2021

Mike Bordick on baseball cards

Shortstop Mike Bordick played fourteen seasons in the major leagues, mostly for Oakland and Baltimore. One of the best fielders of his generation, he set the major league record for fielding percentage by a shortstop in one season (.9982 in 2002). He was also a fine hitter, with a .260 batting average, 91 HR and 626 RBI. Now the Chairman of League of Dreams, a Baltimore-based non-profit organization dedicated to providing all individuals, regardless of physical or mental capacity, the opportunity to play baseball, he kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

"I was the kid that put cards on the forks of my bike so when the spokes hit them it made a cool noise. I didn’t collect but loved getting my own cards and liked action cards with great players on them. Turning a double play while getting taken out by Dave Winfield is one of my favorites. George Brett spiking me in my upper arm while I was tagging him at second was painful but cool to see on a card. I was as never a fan of my cards that had me bunting although I loved situational ball."



  1. Nice. I remember his power surge and when the Mets got him for the stretch run.

  2. Wow. That fielding percentage record is phenomenal. I just checked the full stat sheet, and in 117 games played that year he only made one error in 570 total chances. One error. At shortstop. Nice work.

  3. I started sorting my three 5k boxes of A's cards. I sure hope I find a copy of that Bordick/Winfield card.

  4. I didn't know guys were still actively looking to spike each other in the 90's, interesting!