Friday, December 8, 2023

Two street trades

I went in to the office twice this week, which I think doubles the amount of times I went in this year. I managed to meet up with Al after work both times to exchange cards.

The first time I ended up going heavy with the silver pack cards. Al always has a lot of those. He didn't have a lot of changeover in the boxes from last time, so I ended up with some recent Bowmans as well. I guessed correctly that I needed the Edgar and Sosa, but I already had the 2014 Update card.

The second time around, I picked up three more '14 update cards, all Dodgers, but still had them all. Apparently I have a lot more of that set than I thought. I also goofed on the '03 Fleer Delgado but I needed the rest. I only thought of Shane Victorino as a Phillie but there's a rookie card of him in a Dodgers uniform with a Padres logo. Didn't know he had been with either team. The chrome Red Sox card is a refractor. I even added a random football card because there just wasn't much I needed. Still always fun to do these!

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  1. The three Pinnacle's in the second photo are nice. I've always kind of liked that background for both the baseball and football sets.