Thursday, December 7, 2023

The week in vintage stars from eBay

This time I was much more responsible with the Greg Morris auctions. $15 for a Luis Aparicio RC is great. $5 for his second year is OK. The other $4-5 dollar cards were the 1940 Play Ball of the Yankees Monte Pearson, the '53 Mize, the '57 Wilhelm and the '64 Marichal. Those last two were probably overpays. Everything else was under $2.50, and for most of the non-HOFers, closer to $1. Football really seems to get overlooked in these auctions - the $1.25 for the '54 Bowman Whizzer White may be the best buy of the lot. (Ed. - whoops, turns out this "Whizzer White" is not Byron but Wilfred. Still a nice card.

$14 for this lot is pretty good considering there were two Ernie Banks cards I needed. Needed the Hubbs too. (Notice there is no position on the front.) Already had Hundley and Williams so they are available.
$11 for this lot is probably a little too much, but they are not easy to get cheap.
$3 for this card is probably too much. Aparicio is one of those lower-end HOFers I should probably be more patient about.
Richie Ashburn would go in that category too. Also $3.
$11 for these seven big-name stars is pretty good. I looked at it too quickly and thought it was all '72s, was a little less excited when I realized after I bid it was mostly '75s. Still pretty good. Already had the Brock so that's available.
$12 shipped on the '66 Clemente.
$3 for the '66 Gibson is good.

$4 for the '68 Gibson is OK.

$3 is solid for a '64 Billy Williams.


  1. Vinatge baseball cards do look really good (compared to today's um.... cards).

  2. I'm more excited about what you picked up all around, even at those prices. How are the backs for your 1964 stars? Are you seeing well-developed cartoons?

  3. It's always nice to see a bunch of vintage stars in one post. That 68T Gibson looks really clean... and $4 seems like a steal of a deal.

  4. I envy this spree that you've been on. Your job must be treating you really well.