Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Equipment: 1982 Topps

Here's something I haven't come across yet - a bat with the number crossed out. It's still readable enough that it appears to be #28. (Perkins wore #15.) In 1980 Jerry Mumphrey wore that number with the Padres. At the end of spring training 1981 he was traded to the Yankees. Coach Bobby Tolan wore it during the season. Perhaps this photo was taken after Mumphrey was traded?

Jose Cruz's photo appears to have been taken during a spring training game, not a posed shot. He wore #25 with the Astros but is swinging bat #12, which would have belonged to Craig Reynolds.

Pete Mackanin is wearing jersey #14, but has the bat of #44 Mickey Hatcher.

Wayne Gross had been wearing #10 for five years by this point. That #67 bat he grabbed for the photo must have been used by some non-roster player.

Jerry Narron, #3, has the bat of fellow catcher Brad Gulden, #27.

Don Money is posing at Yankee Stadium with his own #7 bat as well as a bat that presumably belonged to the Yankees, but was used by the visiting team.

Topps insisted on calling him "Rich", but as his glove says we all know Gossage is "Goose".


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