Thursday, October 14, 2021

Wood vs. Wood #48

 Last time 1962 got it's first victory, taking four out of five votes. Today's match-up should be a good one.

Usually I don't care much about writing on a card but the photo on Ralph Terry's card is so nice I'd kind of like to upgrade it at some point. #47 behind Terry is relief ace Luis Arroyo. #68 in the '87 set is also a New York player who got a good photo and a pretty prominent lurker, with Wally Backman sliding past Tony Pena of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Ralph Terry is best known for his 1962 season when he won 23 games, then won the World Series MVP for allowing just five runs in three starts, including his legendary complete game, 1-0 win in Game 7. He recently wrote an autobiography and kindly answered my questions about baseball cards in 2019.

Wally Backman was a key member of the '86 Mets, platooning with Tim Teufel at second base and hitting .320. He has had a long career as a minor league manager, but numerous personal issues, including arrests for domestic violence and DUI cost him a job as manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks; and was recently arrested once again for domestic abuse while managing the Long Island Ducks.


  1. Going with the 87 this time, but I really like the 62, too. Got the cards you sent BTW. Thanks!

  2. He's a jerk, but Backman has a great action shot. 1987 wins this round.

  3. 1987. Though they're both great.

  4. Wally Backman has a great photo in 1987 so I'm going with that one.

  5. Despite the writing, I'll give Ralph a vote.