Wednesday, October 20, 2021

High-end low-end lot

I bought another "low grade" lot for just over a quarter a card. Unlike my last few lots, the cards here ended up being in quite good shape. This seems to be the case of a guy who mostly sells modern cards not really understanding how bad older cards can get. And while there were very few Hall-of-Famers in this lot, most of these were pretty well known stars.

The oldest cards in the lot were from '59 Topps, and '60 Leaf and Topps. Only my second and third from '60 Leaf. Yankee fans remember Frank Torre fondly from the '96 season.

'61 and '62. Six players who are not in the Hall but all of whom are an important part of the history of baseball in this era.
Mid-60s, highlighted by young Mel Stottlemyre.
Jumping to the most recent cards in the lot. The '69s and '72s are all semi-high-numbered cards, and except for maybe Money, are all pretty big names. The '73 Garvey is one I've seen on a bunch of blogs, glad to finally own one.

Trade bait! And they are all in pretty good shape, some in very good condition. Some big names in that bottom row.


  1. Holy cow Bo! What a deal! Good for you!

  2. Wow, those are some great cards at a quarter apiece.

  3. I wish I had enough of what you would want to get that Killebrew! Great cards.

  4. That's a very nice lot! The '60 Herzog, '61 Cash, '62 Pinson, and the whole bottom row of the last scan are particularly appealing.