Saturday, October 23, 2021

Art on the back: 1960 Topps

Cartoons got a smaller space on the back of 1960 Topps, and the artwork was a bit less interesting than previous years, with kind of a generic theme. Here is a typical example, notable only for the misspelling of the name of one of the Alou brothers.

There were a few themes that were repeated often; a player doing well would show a frustrated opposing batter or pitcher; a player getting traded had the former team's mascot looking sad; a player with a hobby was shown doing that hobby in their baseball uniform, etc. Players with college experience continued to be a novelty; here are a couple of the stronger examples of this theme:

Some of the more interesting cartoons had a war related theme. The Gene Freese one is particularly odd, even more so considering that the trade appears to have been December 8 according to newspaper accounts, and is December 9 in Baseball Reference. Still, I think I will consider December 7 to be Gene Freese Day rather than Pearl Harbor Day from now on.

Finally, a few more cartoons with a science-fiction theme.

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