Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Generous Johnny

Recently I commented on a post from Johnny's Trading Spot where he posted a 1995 Sonic/Pepsi card of Maury Wills, with what I thought was the nicest Polo Grounds shot I'd seen on a card. Next thing I knew Johnny was sending it to me!

I love the clear shot of the apartments behind the stadium, the signs, the other people on the field. The Giants were already in SF when Wills's career started, so this must be a game against the Mets in '62 or '63.

Sending that card would have been generous enough, but Johnny mentioned that he had packed in something "extra". What an "extra"!

It's only my second '52 Topps card, featuring Fightin' Phillies second baseman Connie Ryan. Another great image with a lot going on in the background.

Thanks Johnny!


  1. That would be a cool card for a ballpark collection.

  2. That is a great card, and a great shot of the Polo Grounds. I've never seen a Sonic oddball before. And the '52 Phillie is a nice extra for sure!

  3. Nice! What’s the deal with “Fightin’ Phillies”?