Friday, October 15, 2021

Big generous package from Cards on Cards

I got a huge box of cards from the Cards on Cards spring cleaning 2021 (which is still going on, check out the link on his blog. I asked for Yankees, Cardinals and some miscellaneous, and he sent back over 600 really nice cards. He has nicer cards to give away then many people do to trade. (Fortunately I do have some vintage Cardinals for him.)

This may be my favorite card in the box. I should really put together a want list for 1998 Metal, it's such a great looking set and I don't have much from it. Love the lower Manhattan, pre-9/11 skyline here. I kind of miss commuting to the city. Once the pandemic hit I switched to working from home. Today is actually my last day at the company I've been with for the past 20 years; later this month I'm starting a new job, fully remote, for a company that doesn't even have any office space in New York.

Here's a kind of silly card from Topps Archives. A "parade" of one. The original had Bo Belinsky, certainly a colorful character worthy of a modern card. And I'm sure it would have been nice for Dan Pfister, Joe Bonikowski and Dave Stenhouse to be included too. Real '62 Rookie Parades are tough to acquire; I don't have any of my own yet.

Here's another modern headscratcher. What's with the yellow and black Yankee logo? They didn't have logos like that in the real '58 set. Maybe Topps confused the Yankees with the Steelers.
I'm not a big fan of bat flips but I don't hate them either. So far I haven't watched one pitch of the postseason. I wanted to avoid the hype of the Boston game, and had a feeling the Yankees wouldn't show up to play, and unfortunately, except for this guy I was right. I've been meaning to turn on some of the other games, but for a variety of reasons its been easier to follow games online than turning on the TV.
Super shiny Yankees!
There were lots of Cardinals, (my NL team, at least they gave the Dodgers a little fight), and plenty of other teams too. More fun shiny/colorful cards.
Jay Austin was a second round draft pick for the Astros in 2008 and never got above A ball but is still active after all these years in a variety of unaffiliated leagues; currently playing with Monclava of the Mexican League.
A couple of vintage oddballs, including my first '73 O-Pee-Chee. They look the same as Topps on the front, so here is the back, with the much more formal script for the cartoon.
There were a few extra-special cards in toploaders. The Walter Johnson card is called "Pennant Aggression". I guess it's some kind of pun but I don't get it. Jersey card for Michael Aubrey, who had a brief major league career. The Cap Anson card appears to be made of wood or some woodlike material. This card is from 2013. I'm kind of surprised Topps put out a card of him as recently as 2020; I would think that given the heightened awareness of the history of the Negro Leagues, that would be the last modern card for a while for the father of MLB segregation.
Tino Martinez shiny card! That Thurman Munson card is one of those Topps variations. The Crusade card is a really nice design. The autographed card is a 2013 Team USA 18U card of Michael Rivera. Rivera was drafted by Cleveland in 2017 and made it to AAA this season.


  1. Are the Yankees and Cardinals the two winningest teams in MLB history? Or have the Dodgers passed the Cardinals?

    I do like the skyline background. Has a '93 Leaf vibe. But it's a ho card, so the Ford wins the round.

  2. Kerry had a ton of Yankees, but because I got a box box myself! Very nice of him to be so generous.

  3. All the packages that I've ever received from Kerry have been of the "Go big or go home" variety, so seeing this comes as no surprise.

  4. Kerry is a good guy. Good luck with the new job!