Monday, October 25, 2021

A Year of Topps Designs: 1970

 Topps entered the 1970s with some pretty conservative designs. Muted colors were given to both baseball and football. The baseball design was as simplistic as you could get; football at least had a football and a banner for a little interest.

Hockey was pretty similar to football,highly simple card except for a stick and a puck. The stick is big enough to make the design stand out a little more.

The basketball design, in the "tall boy" style, was much more interesting than the other sports.

The major news event of 1969, the moon landing, was commemorated by Topps in a trading card set. It features full bleed photography, matched with a serious, textbook-like caption and a silly "Man on the Moon" logo.

Way out wheels featured 36 creations by custom hot rod creator George Barris, using an old-timey western-style design.
Other Topps sets issued in 1970 were a "flags of the world" set which just had a flag on a black background, and a Bazooka Joe set with comic strip reprints.


  1. 1970 Topps Baseball were the first cards I ever bought and collected from the local "Dime Store". My Mom always confiscated the bubble gum because the sugar was bad for my teeth.

  2. I really like that hockey design for some reason.

  3. The tall boys were a good idea for basketball, but they must have been a pain to store / protect.

  4. The 1970 baseball and football designs are two of the blandest designs ever but those two vintage sets are among the several that I'm currently trying to complete. I'm about 103 cards away from completing the baseball set and 42 cards away from completing the football set.

  5. I've said this on the blog before but the 1970 football design looks like it came out in 1960.

  6. Baseball might be the least appealing design here. 1970 Hockey and basketball are classics.