Saturday, October 16, 2021

Wonders from the minor and major leagues

I got two jam-packed PWEs in a recent trade with Wax Pack Wonders. Most of these cards fit the theme of my recent minor league card acquisitions.

The bulk of the trade was about 20 cards from the 1990 Best set. Yes, that is a high school behind Jeff Plympton; Beehive Field was located next to New Britain High School. It's a beautiful set, where the photography is emphasized by the card design where none of the cards have borders.

Would you believe, most of the cards don't have borders?

Spelling player's names was not a strength of the Best staff though. Future major leaguers Hurst, Voigt and Zupcic get error cards here. ZVPCIC is my favorite.

But the biggest mangling of a name in this lot was a 1981 TCMA of future big leaguer Jim Pankovits.

Here's the rest of the minor league cards. My favorite is the '77 TCMA Bob Weismiller, another "backyard" shot.

There were a few vintage cards in Jeff's PWEs too, with a '59 Reds team card, a '61 Fleer Joe Medwick, and a '75 OPC with a cartoon featuring Le Coq Rouge.
As usual, Jeff used some vintage stamps; these being from the 1980 Winter Olympics.


  1. Is that Ducky from Pretty in Pink?

  2. I've always loved the 1990 Best set. Wish all minor league cards were that pretty.

  3. Minor league cards are always a treat, if for no other reason than the gluttony of ads on the outfield walls!

  4. Good lord on that Pankovitz card. Having interviewed him, I'm as offended as a relative would be!

  5. It was misspelled so badly, I never realized that was supposed to be Jim Pankovits.

  6. Oh, those misspellings are tremendous!